Digital Accelerated Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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Say goodbye to hot, bitter coffee and join the latest caffeine craze. 

Cold brewing brings an unmatched level of sweetness, smoothness, and health benefits to your cup. 

Sounds good right?

Except typical cold brew takes  24 hours to steep. 

So we set out to design a cold brew machine that produces the same quality results- in a fraction of the time. 

Meet the Gourmia Digital Accelerated Cold Brewer.

This magical machine slashes away the typical day-long process to as little as 4 minutes, so you can spend less time waiting- and more time chilling.

What do people
have to say?

Cold-Brew Coffee in minutes

This product is amazing! All the benefits of a cold-brew coffee in the amount of time it takes to make an instant hot coffee. My days couldn't be better. The simple process of making it makes mornings great! A must have for all iced-coffee drinkers! 


Fantastic cold brew

I love cold brew coffee especially in the summers, but making it is such a long process, and buying it is so expensive. This takes care of both of those issues. I can have my cold brew made quickly and easily and get on with my morning instead of realizing I didn't prep my cold brew the day before. I am so excited with all the money and time I am saving, would definitely recommend.


Really good product

When I first saw that this product made 4-minute cold-brew, I was highly skeptical. Much to my surprise, the coffee came out very smooth and sweet, and even my coffee-snob brother was impressed. I would recommend using the longer setting (8-10 minutes), but i enjoy a stronger brew, so that's just my opinion.



I bought this back in January it was Christmas gift I've been dying for an actual iced coffee maker I've been going to Starbucks and get my coffees and the iced coffees they are very bitter because they grew it hot and poured over ice this machine takes the bitterness completely out and it is perfect for spring and summer I'm definitely using it all summer long


None of the bitterness that you get when you chill a hot brew coffee.

”Four minutes is all it takes to go from caffeine craving to coffee fix "
"Cold Brew Coffee Maker is an amazing addition to any family kitchen."
"Build quality is nice; Coffee is good once you’ve tweaked it to your liking."
”"Is easier to use than other fast cold brewers."

Why Gourmia?

Cuts down 24 hour brewing process to 4 Minutes

Perfect brew with just a tap

Chill cycle makes coffee cold without dilution

Light, Medium, Bold and Concentrate modes

Easily removable parts for breezy cleanup.

  • Product Dimensions: 10.5H x 7.25W x 8.25D
  • Power: 120V, 60Hz
  • Maximum Capacity: 24Oz/720ML
  • Time Control: 4/6/8/10 minute
  • Maximum Coffee Weight: 60g Coffee Grounds
  • Download Manual

What's in the box?

Step up your cold brew game